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HP-10 / HP-50 / HP-100 Torque Meter

  • For measure torque setting of screw drivers, torque driver
  • For inspecting, data collection and Quality control
Model HP-10 HP-100 HP-50
Measurement Range kgf.cm 1.5-20 1.5-100 1.5-50
N.m 0.015-1.000 1.15-10.0 015-5.0
Accurancy Within + 0.5% (F.S.)
Power Supply DC 1.2V Battery x 5pcs 1200mAh
Recharging Time Within 8 Hours
Working Time Approx. 30 Hours
Size 123x230x65 (H) 95x 165x55 (H)
Special Charger Input AC 220V, Output DC 7.25V 120mA